• AeroDyne Detail Client Testimonials and Reviews

  • Baldwin-Waco

    I was considering recovering my 1940 WACO UPF-7. The plane was restored decades ago and it was covered with water spots that would not wash off after endless tries with numerous expensive products claiming that they would eliminate the damage. I expressed my problem to several local pilots, many of who suggested that I ask Talon at AeroDyne Detail to take a look at my plane.

    Talon arrived the day after I called to evaluate the plane. He carefully tested several different restorative techniques, and found a process that returned the plane to an almost original quality finish.

    When he came to do the job he brought people that he had personally trained and trusted to work on a fabric airplane. They worked as true professionals, diligently and carefully. The miraculous results saved me from taking my plane out of service and the significant expense of recovering. It now looks like new!

    I highly recommend Talon as he is very good at what he does, and dedicated to doing the best possible work. As I have become more familiar with the local aviation community, I have learned that he has a large following of repeat customers. That type of reputation speaks for itself and is very hard to earn.

    I have seen his work on a P51, F4U and Great Lakes (4 time show champion). The owners are just as pleased as I am. The owner of the Great Lakes biplane told me, "Just have Talon do it. No need for an estimate he is always more than fair. He will do it better than anyone else and follow-up in ways you will never expect." All I can say is that is 100% true and is exactly what I would proudly tell anyone else without hesitation.

    I have caught Talon out on the show line with a rag in hand getting fingerprints off my leading edge and polished prop when he thought no one was looking. He takes on each plane as a matter of personal pride and obviously loves what he does. He has been a pleasure to work with and will be helping me care for whatever I own as the years pass.

    Talon is a great guy, a knowledgeable A&P, and a conscientious person. I highly recommend him for any detailing work on any aircraft.

    David Baldwin A&P/IA